There are many cultural institutions in Harlem, But none are exclusively dedicated to the cultural heritage of Harlem. The Harlem Heritage Tourism & Cultural Center is solely dedicated to providing information about the cultural, social and political impact that Harlem has had on the world.  Through 2014 the Harlem Heritage Tourism & Cultural Center will provide exhibitions and cultural programming that will highlight and celebrate Harlem from a local perspective.  The idea is to recognize unhe

ralded local Harlem people, places and events that we pass by daily without understanding and appreciating how they have cultural impacted Harlem and the Harlem’s of the world.

“HARLEM WORLD – Throw Ya Hands In The Air” – April 1st – June 1st 2014

“HARLEM WORLD Throw Ya Hands In The Air” photo exhibition remembers the legendary Harlem World Disco and Entertainment Complex once existed on West 116th Street in Harlem from 1978- 1984 founded by Harlem entrepreneur Jack “Fat Jack Taylor.  Harlem World was a huge venue with two floors plus basement, featuring local rappers from Harlem and the nearby Bronx territory.   Legendary Hip Hop groups and performers such the Cold Crush Brothers, The Fantastic Five,  Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Dougie Fresh, and many others honed their skills at Harlem World.  Some of the first widely known Hip Hop battles took place at Harlem World including the famous battle in December of 1981 featuring Cool Moe Dee vs. Chief Rocker Busy Bee.  Places like Harlem World helped lay the foundation for Hip Hop culture and served as one of the major launchpads for what we now know as Rap.



Place: Opening reception – Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center – 104 Malcolm X Blvd. between 115th Street and 116th Street.
Time/Date 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM – April 1st, 2014.
Price: Free
Directions: 2 and 3 express trains on IRT line (red on Subway maps) arrive a few yards away from front door of Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center.

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