,”A LOVE SUPREME – What is the meaning / message ?” 

Imagine being a fly on the recording studio wall December 1964, musicians in the room: John Coltrane on sax, Jimmy Garrison on Bass, Elvin Jones on drums and Coltrane’s favorite audio engineer Rudy Van Gelder behind the scenes on the controls. Do they know the impact that this recording session will have on it’s listener ? content loaded with spiritually subliminal vibes causing many to ask the question – what is the true meaning / message of “A Love Supreme”  John Coltranes’s throughly composed music suite consisting of four parts:

  1. Acknowledgement” (featuring the voice of Coltrane himself chatting “A Love Supreme”
  2. Resolution” I often ask myself “is this a reflection of Coltrane having resolved an issue ?
  3. Persuance” What is Coltrane in pursuit of ?
  4. PSALMS” 

A Love Supreme marked the only time that Coltrane wrote album notes. Equally uncharacteristically, he selected the artwork for the album, inside and out (it was a fold-open album cover). He selected the cover photo (published in Impulse! ads in advance, and also used inside Crescent), and chose the drawing of himself for the insert. And he presented a poem!

This installment of Harlem Heritage Book Club focuses on the album notes and poem presented by John Coltrane and how it pertains to the music in answering the question “A Love Supreme – what is the meaning /message ?”






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