Harlem is known to many as the capital of the African-American experience, and many books has been written reflecting the communities immense culture. The Harlem Heritage Book Club is dedicated to books and literature at large pertaining to Harlem and the Harlem / urban experience.

Participants can read chosen books at ones leisure, additionally complimentary monthly cultural gatherings will take place to increase engagement with chosen books, serving as portals to culture of chosen text. Monthly gatherings will rotate to different locations of member businesses and organizations with the Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center always being available.

Gatherings will include, but not limited to the following, all in an effort to bring chosen books to life.

  • Book signings
  • Documentaries
  • Music performances
  • Fashion shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Culinary experiences
  • Social parties

Join us for our first gathering Thursday April 25th, 2019 6:00 PM at the Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center, located at 104 Malcolm X Boulevard – between West 115th – 116th Streets, #2 and #3 trains arrive directly to meeting location.

Register and become a member of the Harlem Heritage Book Club, first gathering April 25th, 6 PM at Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center.