All the folks at Harlem Heritage Tours had a fantastic Harlem Civil Rights Walking Tour with family from Augsburg University. Harlem is chock-full of authentic civil rights sights reflecting the triumphs and the sacrifices made by fearless leaders who transformed our country and the world.
We are preparing for our summer exhibition season at the Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center, exhibition of choice: “Welcome to the Real World of Wakanda: The Royal Empires of Black Africa”. May 15th – June 14th 2018, we will have within our presence authentic African art 13th – 20th century, hailing from 6 different
We at Harlem Heritage Tours loved the movie “Black Panther” and felt that lots was expressed in that movie needed debriefing afterwards. “Welcome to the Real World of Wakanda: The Royal Empires of Black Africa” aims to expand upon many of the themes expressed in the movie with complimentary Harlem experiences that will aid in developing a greater overall understanding of underlying themes of the movie.
Here are on one of Harlem’s most diverse streets in front of the Senegalese consulate, attached to Amy Ruth’s restaurant serving delicious African-American southern soul food, it’s this type of experience that will compliment of landmark exhibition this summer.
Great for all individuals and groups who love diverse culture, intriguing art, walking tours, delicious food plus more.
Call us at Harlem Heritage Tours Tours 212 280-7888 or email at, we look forward to seeing you in May.
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The Royal Empires of Black Africa Exhibition