Harlem Gospel Tours

Harlem Heritage Tours offers the most authentic Harlem gospel tours conducted by Harlem locals born, raised and still in living in Harlem. Many are conducting gospel tours in Harlem, but few have actually lived the history in the way we have, come with us for an in depth behind the scenes version of Harlem’s religious and spiritual heritage. Our gospel tours start at the Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center located in an area of Harlem filled with churches and religious organizations associated with some of the worlds most well known civil rights and social justice leaders.  Gospel music and the power of prayer is wonderful and will leave you spiritually uplifted, but the history and heritage associated with our local Harlem churches and religious organizations is very interesting, especially considering current global social and political developments. The idea is to hear the music, but also to learn overall Harlem history with pointed attention paid to the positive impact churches have had on Harlem past and present – more than just music.