Harlem Heritage Tours is the premiere grass roots tourism company in Harlem. We truly offer Harlem’s most authentic sightseeing walking tours that serve to highlight the rich history of this distinct New York City neighborhood and it’s many contributions to global culture. Call 212-280-7888 for information or browse our tours.

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Harlem Heritage Tours

Harlem Heritage Tours conducted by born & raised Harlem locals most authentic walking, gospel, jazz/music, art, food, and bus tours. Customized Harlem Day Trips such as Civil Rights, Harlem Renaissance, Spanish Harlem plus more available upon request.

What makes Harlem Heritage Tours different: All tours are conducted by those who were actually born and raised and still live in the community. As of late many companies offer Harlem tours, but few really know and have lived the true culture of the community – NONE will state anywhere on their sites that they were born raised and still live in Harlem.

We provide the most the innovative Harlem tours made possible by our technological advances, insider information and extensive community connections. Many experiences are customized to talk to national and global themes, or to compliment the distinct needs of our customers.

Most of our Harlem tours start at the Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center where you can use the restroom, leave your luggage while touring Harlem, or watch a cultural program while having lunch.

Come participate with us in the cultural and economic renaissance taking hold presently in Harlem and meet our friends and family along the way. Because we are constantly on the Harlem streets we know who’s who and what’s really happening, therefore it’s easy for us to create interactive experiences between our visiting guests and the local community – come with us and experience REAL HARLEM via the lenses of true locals.

Most authentic tours of Harlem/NYC.

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Thanks to all who support Neal Shoemaker and Harlem Heritage Tours.

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“Walking Tour of Harlem Critique”

The walking tour was definitively pleasurable as well as informative. We received an up close and personal view of Harlem not seen on previous visits. The guide was awesome and so was his knowledge of Harlem’s history, even back to the days of Bumpy Johnson.

Visited July 2015

—Sandra J. from Dallas, Texas



The tour was simply incredible. Neal is a great guide, he knows a lot about the history of Harlem and U.S. in general. I am a student of the American Studies, so i’m quite familiar with the American culture and i can say that the information he provided was correct. We ate lunch in a nice restaurant, everything was delicious,…

Visited July 2015

—Anna P. from Warsaw, Poland


“Harlem, Its History: Hot! Hot! Hot!!”

Neil Shoemaker has done his research — he knows Harlem’s rich history, geography, politics, and he shares that knowledge with you on his walking tours of the neighborhood. Along the way, he employs his backpack tricked out with speakers and an iPad to allow you hear the sounds and songs of Harlem’s past and present; he shares images of each…

Visited July 2015

—Sally H.


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