Harlem Civil Rights Day Trip

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Harlem Heritage Tours offers Harlem's most authentic Harlem Tours.

The “Harlem Civil Rights Day Trip” conveys the contributions that 1960’s Harlem made to the American Civil Rights Movement. Experiences conducted by those who were born, raised and still live in Harlem. “Harlem Multimedia Civil Rights Day Trip” includes the following: • Day starts at Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center with brief video presentation… Read more »

Harlem Renaissance Day Trip

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The Harlem Renaissance Day Trip focuses on the glorious period of the 1920’s when Harlem was a hot bed of artistic expression. Many educational institutions study the Harlem Renaissance as a part of their educational curriculums – come to Harlem and visit the actual sights associated with icons such as Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington, Zora… Read more »