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Harlem Multimedia Civil Rights Day Trip


Harlem Civil Rights Day Trip

The “Harlem Multimedia Civil Rights Day Trip” conveys the contributions that 1960’s Harlem made to the American Civil Rights Movement. Experiences conducted by those who were born, raised and still live in Harlem.

“Harlem Multimedia Civil Rights Day Trip” includes the following:

Day starts at Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center with brief video presentation followed by a multimedia walking / bus tour visiting Harlem Civil Rights Movement sights: The African Nationalist Pioneer Movement, African National Memorial Bookstore, Masjid Malcolm Shabazz, Audabon Ballroom and many others.  As you walk through Harlem you will experience music/speeches + some vid pertaining to sight. After the tour we will have lunch at an eatery consistent with the atmosphere that would have been present in Harlem during the Civil Rights Movement.

We will end the day inside of a Harlem cultural institution or organization that was active during the Civil Rights Movement and one of it’s representatives will provide a multimedia presentation about the organization’s history.

Contact us and we will customize an experience to your particular need.  Price depends upon configuration of experience.  Give us a call or contact us via email and we will respond promptly with quote. 212 280-7888.

Harlem Renaissance Day Trip


Langston Hughes - vintage Harlem Renaissance Man.

The Harlem Renaissance Day Trip focuses on the glorious period of the 1920’s when Harlem was a hot bed of artistic expression. Many educational institutions study the Harlem Renaissance as a part of their educational curriculums – come to Harlem and visit the actual sights associated with icons such as Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington, Zora Neale Hurston, Aaron Douglass and many others. Tour will also pay special attention to the current economic renaissance taking place in the community.

Day includes the following:

Walking/bus tour that will take you to actual Harlem Renaissance sights such as the Dark Tower (Madam CJ Walker), Pods & Jerry’s (speakeasy where Billie Holiday got her start), home of Langston Hughes, Sugar Hill, home of Duke Ellington, Smalls Paradise, the Apollo Theater, Savoy Ballroom, home of Wallace Thurman and much more.

After tour, group will dine on a delicious soul food meal at one of the communities fine restaurants. Eat fried chicken, fish, candied yams and other dishes while listening to Harlem Renaissance tunes by the likes of Lena Horne, Alberta Hunter, Roland Hayes and Duke Ellington.

We will end the day at one of Harlem’s many historic venues experiencing a behind the scenes tour that will be conducted by someone very familiar with the Harlem venue. This part of the day will compliment the overall theme of celebrating the Harlem renaissance period.

Spanish Harlem Day Trip

sh2 The Spanish Harlem Day Trip explores the Hispanic and Latin culture present in the Eastern section of the Village of Lady Harlem.  Many Italian immigrants settles in Spanish Harlem during the 1880′s followed by those from Puerto Rico the 1940′s after World War II.

Spanish Harlem is now home to a diverse population of people from the Latin diaspora and is one of the best kept cultural secrets in New York City.

Spanish Harlem Day Trip includes the following:

Walking / Bus tour of Spanish Harlem lead by a born and raised Spanish Harlem resident visiting sites such as the homes of Vito Marcantonio, Tito Puente, and Julia De Burgos.  Walk through the public markets and take in beautiful street murals that conjure memories of days long ago.  Visit several cultural Spanish Harlem institutions that preserve and celebrate the history of Spanish Harlem.

A delicious Spanish Harlem meal at a local eatery in Spanish Harlem follows the Spanish Harlem tour portion of the event.

We will end the day at one of many cultural institutions in Spanish Harlem listening to the rhythms of a local Salsa band.  The energy is infectious and before you know it, your up and dancing Salsa with the band – I can see it now.

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