On Monday September 26th 2016 a group visited consisting of folks from all over the United States, it was discreetly mentioned to me that one of the guests on the bus was interested in visiting a Harlem firehouse, at that moment I had no clue who that person was.  I proceeded to conduct the tour all along wondering how I was going to make this happen, then I remembered that I have a friend at local Harlem firehouse #30, I called my friend and he said sure come by at end of the tour.  It turned out that my guest is a Fire Chief with the Chicago fire department for 38 years and has no plans to retire – that’s him with his grandson inside Harlem firehouse #30, my friends at Harlem firehouse #30 are the best, they opened the main doors that the fire truck passes through, let everybody in and even allowed the little grandson to pretend like he’s sliding down the signature firehouse pole – so much love and appreciation for all Firefighters, special thanks to my guest Fire Chief from Chicago and friends at local Harlem firehouse #30 – love ya.imageimage