Celebrate Black History Month and beyond with a Harlem Heritage Renaissance Showcase consisting of a multimedia Harlem Renaissance Walking Tour visiting the home of Madame CJ Walker, the Savoy Ballroom, original sight of the Cotton Club, the Log Cabin + much more. Video, audio and pictures will accompany tour.

Multimedia walking tour is followed by a Harlem renaissance showcase at the Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center consisting of live reenactments of Harlem Renaissance characters such as Duke Ellington, Zora Neale Hurston, Web Du Bois, and Aaron Douglass. Idea is to actualize the heritage in a fun, educational and entertaining way. Imagine the Duke resplendently dressed playing his signature songs as Zora Neale Hurston wows you with stories of Harlem Renaissance life.

A delicious soul food meal will be served during performance at Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center.

The combined event will truly bring to life the Renaissance days of 1920’s Harlem.

Contact us at 212 280-7888 or email loveharlem@aol.com for a competitive price quote – we will work with your group.