Harlem Civil Rights Multimedia Walking Tour – what would you do ?

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Cultural Harlem Blog

We truly enjoyed guiding this group through Harlem, they have studied civil rights history in their classes and wanted to visited the very sights where history.  We at Harlem Heritage Tours took them to sights such as Canaan Baptist Church of Christ, once pastored by Dr. Rev. Wyatt T Walker, once served as Chief of Staff for Dr. Kings SCLC.  We placed the kids in the steps of heritage and asked what would they do if they were civil rights leaders, receiving death threats daily, would you continue fighting for what you feel is right of bow to the pressure ?

In the top pic, the kids are seriously giving my question much thought. We want the kids to understand the sacrifice made by Dr King, Malcolm X and many others – love these kids.

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