On the Wednesday November 9th, 2011 I personally conducted the Harlem Heritage Wednesday Gospel Experience. Mr. Bill Binderman attended the tour with his daughter. We walked and talked and had a great time getting to know each other and then we were off to the church, and what a great church experience it was.

After the tour and leaving the church we ran into Harlem’s Assemblyman Mr. Keith Wright. Me and Mr. Binderman were happy to meet the Assemblyman, then out of no where Mr. Binderman mentioned that back in 1969 he became the Executive Producer of Public Relations at ABC and was assigned to produce “Like It Is”.

When he said that all stopped with dropped jaw and just starred at him and asked him to repeat what he had just said. I couldn’t believe that the entire night I was with a man that helped to bring to life one of my favorite shows of all time = “Like It Is”.

I then informed Mr. Binderman of the health of Mr. Gil Noble. Bill was visible shaken by the news and then proceeded to tell me at least 10 stories pertaining to Gil Noble – I never knew that Mr. Gil Noble was a terrific pianist. He talked about the class and grace of Mr. Gil Noble, i was so impressed.

I will never forget Mr. Binderman and his Daughter. All should join us one Wednesday evening for our Wednesday Gospel Experience: