Our Press

“On behalf of my colleagues at the Stuart County Day School and the children in our STARS program, I wish to thank you very much for the wonderful day we enjoyed with you. The combination of activities and places visited was both educational as well as inspirational. While we profited by the classes we prepared last week on the Harlem Renaissance’s writers and musicians, the fact is that it was yesterday on the tour with you, Neal, that we experienced first-hand the genius and grandeur of what Harlem was – and is becoming again.”

Stuart Country Day School of Sacred Heart
Nancy Soloman

“Neal, the sites were wonderful, the information was expansive but it was your personality that made everything so special. Your use of humor, easy going style and ever present professionalism made our tour of Harlem one of exceptional quality.”

Prince Williams County Schools
Nancy Lyle


What more can we say? On behalf of the ANA and our members, we owe you a sincere thank you for leading the tour of Harlem for the Multicultural Marketing Committee. This was truly a very, very memorable experience for our members. Attendance at this event broke all records for this committee. It was a great event and your contribution to its success was very important.”

Association of National Advertisers, Inc.
Bill Duggins, Senior VP.

“Since early august, around the time a certain former president took up business-hours occupancy on 125th street, Neal Shoemaker has been leading walking tours of “Bill Clinton’s Harlem.” An hour and a half after the tour started, it finished up, in the back room of the Lenox Lounge. This place is amazing Shoemaker said, moving toward the drum kit. He held up his hand and wiggled his fingers. “Can’t you see it right here? Bill Clinton wearing his sunglasses, playing the saxophone?”

New Yorker Magazine
Eric Kronigsberg

“Over at Harlem Heritage Tours, founder Neal shoemaker focuses much of his services on the history of Harlem as well as the recent rebirth. Born and raised in Harlem, Shoemaker takes great pride in showcasing his community to dozen of clients every week. At night, Harlem Heritage Tours offers its clients the opportunity to go barhopping at jazz clubs.”

New York Daily News
Felicia Persaud

“I’ve had opportunities to reverse people’s perceptions of my home,” says Neal Shoemaker, president of Harlem Heritage Tours. “So many people come here and they want the history, they want the culture, but they hesitate because of the stereotype that Harlem is dangerous. And I walk them around and say ‘let me show you what Harlem is really about’.”

Charisse Jones

“Neal, we would like to thank you for making our staff outing such an enjoyable and educational experience. Although many of us live in Manhattan, we were unaware of the rich history of Harlem. The walking tour gave us a close up view of landmarks and culture that most of us would never have thought to explore. In light of the recent events, we will all the more treasure the clear and beautiful day we spent exploring a piece of our world that stimulated all of our senses in new ways.”

AARP New York
Majorie Landau

“On behalf of my students and co-faculty members at LaGuardia Community College, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for the Harlem Renaissance Walking Tour. I commend you on your ability to recapture the excitement of the Harlem Renaissance with wit, exuberant storytelling techniques, as well as with respectful and thoughtful responses to our questions. On a personal note I should add that my own expertise is in the theater and performance of the Harlem renaissance, a topic on which I wrote my dissertation. Your historical knowledge, social and political insight into the neighborhood, and connection to the community are truly staggering”

Dr. James Wilson
Professor, English
Fiorello H. LaGuardia Community College – CUNY

“Dear Neal, on behalf of the Katonah Museum of Art I’m writing to let you know how very much we all enjoyed our trip to Harlem with you. Your exuberant personality, wit, charm, knowledge, and pride in your heritage made our visit to your very special neighborhood truly memorable. You provided something for everyone and we shall not hesitate to recommend your organization, and especially yourself.”

Katonah Museum of Art
Patricia Grabel

“Neal Shoemaker has a bubbling personality with lots of enthusiasm. On a brisk Saturday morning recently, I met him in front of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture with a group of student from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, N.Y. Shoemaker stopped at many sites associated with 1920’s Harlem – I enjoyed the tour and strongly recommend it. For more information, call Shoemaker at (212) 280-7888.”

Amsterdam News
Jon Haggins

“Dear Neal, Since the September 11th crisis, I have thought about you so many times especially since we just toured the towers in July! Our New York educational tour was by far our best tour ever, because of your in-depth knowledge of the city. I felt like I attended the “Bill Clinton Welcome to Harlem Party”, because I had been there. Thirty Rockafeller Center, Strawberry Fields, Aida, the television sets of NBC, the Apollo Theater, and of course our grand tour of Harlem are now more meaning on television because of your excellent services as a tour operator.”

Clara D. Hewitt, Director
Lane College