In Harlem during the 1940’s and 1950’s, Boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson was the epitome of success in and outside of the ring.  Sugar Ray was the 1st major African-American athlete to experience international cross over success in both black and white circles, all along living life on his own terms, and in his own community.  Considered to be the best pound for pound in the history of the sport, Robinson fought 202 bouts, whereas Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali combined didn’t reach half that number.  In many a heated match, he defeated all the great fighters of his day including Jack Lamotta, Carmen Basilio, Harlem loved the Sugarman, because during the lucrative periods of his career he always gave back to the community, and owned and operated several businesses on 7th Ave, including his famous bar/café – “Sugar Ray’s”.  Unfortunately, understanding the intricacies of business affairs was not priority, and thus his businesses failed when his athletic skills diminished, but the memories of his greatness has never failed to impress enthusiasts.  “Sugar Ray Robinson Athlete, Celebrity, Harlemite Icon”, is a photo exhibition that recognizes Sugar Ray Robinson’s great athletic prowess, but also his status as the 1st African-American athlete to capitalize on his media appeal and become successful across class and race, making him a trail blazing celebrity athlete.  Sugar Ray Robinson paved the way for the likes of Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan.