On January 15th, 2011 friends from Atlanta Ga. and the Boston Mass. area visited us in search of the legacy of Dr. King in Harlem.

The gentlemen with red scarf once worked as a postal worker in Atlanta and the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta was on his route daily, now he stands at Harlem’s Ebenezer Baptist Church on Malcolm X Blvd.

The women to the far left once taught at Boston University where Dr. King earned his Doctor of Philosophy in 1955. It was great to teach them about Harlem, but it was even better to hear what they had to say and learn from them.

The gentlemen with red scarf and the lady immediately to his right are celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary in New York City this weekend and said Harlem was a must see. The lady to the far left and the gentlemen next to her will celebrate their 35th Wedding Anniversary in October – what coincidences on this tour.

I won’t forget these guys any time soon – it was an interesting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration.

The BEST of Harlem/NYC.