The picture below puzzled me upon first reading in the lower right corner that it was taken in 1910 at 110th Street & Lenox Ave. Immediately I searched the pic for Central Park which starts at 110th Street.  I know that the northern end of Central Park was completed by 1873, so therefore where is the park in the pic if the pic was taken in 1910 ? I decided to take the pic to the streets to compare, upon which I ran into my little Brother and he immediately recognized the building as being across the street from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Towers, I disagreed with him because I thought the pic description had to be correct – so we placed a 5 dollar bet before we walked to see how was correct – I lost the bet.  The pic was actually taken at 112th Street & Lenox Ave aka Malcolm X Blvd., directly across the street from 41 West 112th Street where I lived for many years.  The right side of the pic shows what the project area looked like at the turn of the 20th century.

110 Street and Lenox copy