Mrs. Cora T. Walker was a dedicated Lawyer / Community Activist who constantly championed the rights of the little people as well as representing the concerns of top corporate entities. She helped many start businesses in Harlem including Harlem Coop Supermarket – what a great idea, that was extinguished by frightened competitors.

I once met Mrs. Cora T. Walker when working for the bank in Harlem, when she walked in I knew who she was immediately and rushed to assist her.  This is around the same time that I established Harlem Heritage Tours.  She was elderly at the time and had difficulty hearing, but was super encouraging of the idea.  The others in the bank had no idea why I was so excited to talk with this elderly women – Happy Mother’s Day and much respect to the memory of the late great Attorney Cora T. Walker.  I wish she was here to represent us now.