Harlem Civil Rights Multimedia Day Trip revisits the tumultuous days of the 1950’s – 1970’s when disenfranchised people engaged in various forms of social protest in an effort to gain civil rights and curb racial discrimination. Harlem overflows with cultural sights pertaining to the Civil Rights and Black Power periods 1950’s – present. 

Day starts with a video presentation inside the Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center featuring local Civil Rights icons such as, but not limited to Malcolm X, Dr. Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Dr. Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker.

Video presentation is followed by a multimedia bus / walking tour visiting numerous historic sights in Harlem associated with historic civil rights events and personalities, tour guide will be equipped with portable video and audio presenting authentic footage on the very spot where the history happen. Imagine walking in the actual Harlem footsteps of Malcolm X while hearing one of his impactful speeches on location where speech happened in 1963.

Along the way we will visit several Harlem religious institutions / community based organizations that played major roles in bringing about legislation, resulting in many of the rights and privileges we enjoy today.

Day includes eating the same delicious soul food enjoyed by those faithful freedom marchers of the south and the north in a Harlem eatery emblematic of the period.

Harlem Civil Rights Day Trip is customized to met the specific needs of our groups, therefore prices are provided accordingly, use form below to submit info. and we will be in contact immediately. For more info. feel free to call us at 212 280-7888 / 646 302-1575 or email at misterharlem@harlemheritage.com.

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