I’m here providing moral support for these guys as they work hard to get this van free from the snow and ice on Malcolm X Blvd. and 118th Street. The gentlemen eventually freed the vehicle from the snow and ice on Malcolm X Blvd.  at 118th St.

The following day I was in the area at 119th Street and the NYC Sanitation trucks started making there way toward me, so of course I whipped out the EVO and shot the vid.   It’s very cold, I only get a few minutes to shot the vid. before frost bite sends a warning to the fingers.

Turns out my man “Butter” from Martin Luther King Jr. Towers was behind the wheel of one of the trucks. 

Sympathies from Harlem to those people and families in the New York City area seriously affected by the storm.

I know many around the city are complaining about the cities response to the storm, I just call what I see on the Harlem Boulevards.

From the land of Harlem Heritage Tours.