Mrs. Ruby Kitchen is a women who I have known all my life growing up in Harlem.  For as long as I can remember she has been President of the Tenant Association in the Martin Luther King Jr. Housing Development and also has a ranking position within the overall tenant governing body of the New York City Housing Authority : NYCHA.

Mrs. Kitchen has fought for decades (over 35 years) on behalf of her tenantry to improve the quality of life and standard of living for low income families.  

The voice of Mrs. Kitchen has sounded the need for the city (NYCHA) to explore ways for hard working low income families to buy the apartments they live in – she’s been shouting this battle cry for years.  It’s about time someone listens.

This is the women who packed all the neighborhood kids into a charter bus and drove us to Disney World for a mere $150.00 dollars (4 nights 3 days) – I remember “Space Mountain” – the best ride ever – still to this day.  So many memories – Wow.

In the above clip she is being introduced to gathering by fellow community advocate Professor Preston Wilcox – excuse the shabby camera work.

Lately Mrs. Kitchen has not been feeling well, but she is getting better. Heroines like Mrs. Kitchen put the history  in “Women’s History Month” – true FRONTLINE – Warrior.