Greg Marius CEO and Founder of the Entertainers Basketball Classic established the EBC in 1981 after his hip hop crew  – “ The Disco Four”, competed in a basketball game against a group of local pioneering hip hop legends known as the “Crash Crew”.  Greg and the Disco Four  won the game, prompting others hip hop entertainers in the crowd such as Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, the Sugar Hill Gang and the Treacheous Three to challenge him and the Disco Four – this lead to Greg starting an entertainers oriented basketball league, giving birth to the “Entertainers Basketball Classic” at Rucker Park.  Greg follows in a long line of Harlem basketball promoters such as Halcombe Rucker, Olaf, Bob Mccullough, and Bob Douglass.  Nowadays, Rucker Park attracts celebrities and notables from all over the world – come and experience the action.

Harlem Entertainers Basketball Classic at Rucker Park Multimedia Bus Tour

This multimedia bus tour takes you to the neighborhoods, parks, community gyms and makeshift courts that spawned the careers of some of New York Cities best known urban basketball/entertainment personalities.  Rare video and audio clips are presented at the very sight where basketball history happened – bringing the heritage to life.  Group will stop for a delicious soul food meal at a Harlem eatery, followed by a visit to watch a live game at Rucker Park.  This tour allows access to the park without a long line wait, only 50 reserved seats available per game – book early.

Days: Every Thursday: Summer 2014
Time: 4:00 PM -8:00 PM
Price: $39.00 Per Person
Meet: Harlem Heritage Tourism & Cultural Center – 104 Malcolm X Blvd between 115th & 116th Street # 2 and #3 trains arrive directly to meeting location.